Laser Cutting

Precision sheet metal laser cutting and plate profiling service.

Superior Quality

Laser cutting sheet metal gives superior cut-edge quality, parallel sides and no burrs. Product waste is also kept to a minimum. We can cut sheets up to 4000mm x 2000mm and 25mm thick.

Laser cutting produces a very narrow cut width due to the highly localised focusing of the beam.

This allows a much higher definition and quality of cut when compared to alternative profiling processes such as plasma or oxy-acetylene burning.

Fast Turnaround

We are able to handle a wide range of profiles from simple shapes to complex designs with limitless variations possible.

Turnaround is quick and the ability to cut complex profiles eliminates the need for additional operations saving both time and money.

With laser cutting the maximum material utilisation is achieved. When you couple this with short lead times and zero tooling costs, laser cutting is a highly attractive and economical means of profiling sheet metal and plate.

Why choose TBI?

At TBI we have 25 years’ experience in manufacturing and fabrication. We can provide a one stop shop for all your requirements from laser cutting and machining through to tube manipulation, welding and powder coating.

We combine the latest machinery with a highly skilled and experienced workforce to ensure you receive the very best quality and service.

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